Why give to RMIT?

You can help transform the future by giving to education at RMIT.

So many wonderful initiatives at RMIT - the Vietnam campus, key research projects, scholarships giving opportunities to students - are supported by individual donations from people like you.

Education is transformative for individuals, communities and nations. It can transform the lives of students, giving them the opportunity to access knowledge and pursue their passion.

Education also helps transform communities, providing essential skills, opening doors to innovation and helping to develop technology for the future.

And through research and innovation, education has the power to transform the future for generations to come.

Every donation has an impact - 100% of your gift goes directly to education or research.

You can donate online to support scholarships for disadvantaged and high-achieving students, or you can establish your own scholarship.

See how donations are changing lives and transforming the future

Jazzmine Evans

Giving back to the community

Jazzmine Evans’s scholarship helped her dedicate more time to RMIT’s Ngarara Willim Centre for Indigenous students.

John Konyabi

Scholarships’ global impact

Scholarships changed life for John Konybai, a refugee from Sudan studying Applied Science at RMIT.

Yen Nguyen

On exchange in Melbourne

RMIT Vietnam not only gives students like Yen Nguyen a chance to access tertiary education in Vietnam, but also offers them the chance to study abroad for a year.

Jesse Rose

A scholarship and a great opportunity

For RMIT student Jesse Rose, a scholarship not only allowed him to focus more on his study, but to head overseas and help others too.

Professor Gavin Moodie

Staff giving

Find out what RMIT staff say about giving to the Annual Appeal.

Jesse Rose

Support research

As an international university of technology and design, RMIT brings unique capabilities and solutions to research. Many donors choose to support research at RMIT that supports a whole range of outcomes.

Frances Ormond statue

Founded on philanthropy

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