Functional Materials and Microsystems – Opportunities

The Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group welcomes requests from Australian and international candidates for research positions.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Openings for post-doctoral researchers are regularly available, with possibilities to apply for funding to join the group. However, there are currently no openings, with only the possibility of applying for competitive fellowships with the Group’s support. Please contact Dr Madhu Bhaskaran and Dr Sharath Sriram to discuss opportunities.

Projects for Doctoral and Masters by Research Candidates

We have filled all available openings for Ph.D. projects until 2015.

Please note that all scholarship deadlines for an academic year close from June-September of the previous year, and so, we encourage future potential applicants to contact us well in advance.

Projects for Research Interns (Masters and Bachelors Theses)

We regularly offer research internships to students from overseas institution to enable research towards their Masters or Bachelors final year project. These internships are offered with partial or full financial support. A representative list of topics is provided below.

Given the nature of our research and the training involved, the minimum possible duration of an internship is 26 weeks.

We recommend candidates contact us at least 6 months in advance, as Occupational Trainee Visa processing times vary from 2-4 months.

All available positions up to 2015 have been filled.

Projects for final year (Honours and Design) students

All available positions for 2013 have been filled.

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