Sustainability and climate change challenges

RMIT launches $98 million sustainability program
RMIT has launched a $98 million urban sustainability plan - the biggest program of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Disaster resilience in focus
RMIT researchers will focus on building the nation's resilience to natural disasters, supported by $2.75 million in funding grants.

Fire frequency curves predict water for Victoria
Research analysing the severity and frequency of bushfires is helping predict their impact on natural water supply catchments.

New technique aims to prevent power disasters
A research graduate has developed a way to monitor electrical discharges on power lines, to prevent potentially catastrophic power outages.

Proton flow battery advances hydrogen power
Researchers have developed a concept hydrogen battery based simply on storing protons produced by splitting water.

Improving agriculture to fight Filipino poverty
Researchers will examine how improving agriculture can cut poverty in conflict areas of The Philippines, thanks to a $1.4 million grant.

Himalaya flowers reveal role of bees in evolutionary change
A study co-authored by an RMIT researcher has shown how flowers have evolved their colours to attract bees as pollinators in the Himalayas.

Research to boost energy efficiency of heritage homes
Guidelines developed by RMIT University researchers are helping Victorians improve the energy efficiency of their heritage homes.

Designing sustainable communities
A passion for sustainability is behind an RMIT researcher's work on the transformation of communities adapting to contemporary challenges.

Art exhibition explores weather and climate change
Artworks inspired by a residency in Iceland are part of an exhibition exploring climate change by RMIT University's Professor Lesley Duxbury.

Research focus areas

Sustainability and climate change challenges is one of RMIT's five research focus areas. Other focus areas are:

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