Improving health and lifestyle

RMIT awarded $2.36m in ARC Linkage funding
RMIT University has been awarded more than $2.36 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants.

Social marketing for road safety in Vietnam
A study on road safety and driver attitudes in Vietnam has uncovered opportunities for changing unsafe behaviour through social marketing.

Hub advances clinical health research
A new RMIT health sciences hub will support multi-disciplinary clinical research into new treatments for chronic diseases.

Motor for the mind
It's as wide as a human hair and weighs as much as a grain of salt, but this tiny motor is so powerful it can save lives.

Striking against stroke
Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability and the second leading cause of death in Australia.

A matter of choice
Aaron has hopes and dreams. He dreams of being a dancer. He hopes to save enough money to go to Africa and to get his bathroom renovated.

Going organic for one week cuts pesticide exposure: study
Eating a mainly organic diet for just seven days can reduce pesticide exposure in adults by almost 90 per cent, researchers have found.

Cell mate
Exciting new findings by an RMIT researcher could see vast improvements in cancer treatment.

New antibacterial fabric could revolutionise infection control
RMIT researchers have developed a new antibacterial fabric that can kill a range of infectious bacteria, such as E coli, within 10 minutes.

Researchers offer a new view on nanosafety
RMIT researchers are pioneering new imaging techniques to examine the safety implications of nanotechnology.

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