The future of cities

Super investment pathway could close rental supply gap
A groundbreaking report by RMIT researchers outlines a new investment pathway to lift the supply of affordable rental housing.

New home for urban research
RMIT University has launched a new inter-disciplinary research centre focusing on critical urban issues and sustainable city living.

Fire frequency curves predict water for Victoria
Research analysing the severity and frequency of bushfires is helping predict their impact on natural water supply catchments.

Assessing the creativity of cities
Dr Ian McShane knows what makes creative cities tick - and he's putting that knowledge to good use for UNESCO.

New technique aims to prevent power disasters
A research graduate has developed a way to monitor electrical discharges on power lines, to prevent potentially catastrophic power outages.

Research to boost energy efficiency of heritage homes
Guidelines developed by RMIT University researchers are helping Victorians improve the energy efficiency of their heritage homes.

Designing sustainable communities
A passion for sustainability is behind an RMIT researcher's work on the transformation of communities adapting to contemporary challenges.

European architecture luminaries share PhD research
Some of Europe's top architects and landscape architects have shared insights into their practice and RMIT University doctoral research.

RMIT helps seaports prepare for climate change
An RMIT University project has developed a prototype tool to help Australian ports factor climate change into their risk management process.

Solar gives industry the power
Professor Gary Rosengarten's research at RMIT University is making renewable energy sources a viable option for industry.

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