Smart technology solutions

Research into silver and bacteria awarded ARC funding
Research to better understand silver resistance in bacteria has received $880,000 in funding from the Australian Research Council.

Smart weather prediction system for disasters
Researchers are developing a smart GPS-based weather prediction system to help reduce the risk and impact of natural disasters.

Connecting the digital with the real
Researchers at RMIT are exploring how to harness the unprecedented power of social media for dealing with crises and driving change.

Indian student wins top RMIT research award
A PhD student from RMIT’s joint research centre in Hyderabad, India, has been awarded a top prize for his work on converting waste to energy.

RMIT awarded $2.36m in ARC Linkage funding
RMIT University has been awarded more than $2.36 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants.

World Cup ball is better at higher altitudes: study
The ball being used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup will play better at Brazil's higher altitude stadiums, according to RMIT researchers.

Micro breakthrough wired for sound
In a breakthrough discovery, researchers have harnessed the power of sound waves to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing.

3D printing research moves ahead in partnership with China
Research into the use of different metals in 3D printing will be the focus of a new collaborative centre.

Rapid diagnostic nano-devices advance health
A new $1.25 million research facility will support the development of nano-devices for the rapid diagnosis and detection of health hazards.

Small beginnings
Our insatiable appetite for sleeker, faster, stronger and more efficient technology is driving micro nano research further than ever before.

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