Higher Degree by Research Conference Grant

About the Higher Degree by Research Conference Grant (HDRCG)

The HDRCG Higher Degree by Research Conference Grant is open to RMIT Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates. This grant is available to assist the professional development of HDR candidates through participation at internationally recognised conferences or workshops both overseas and in Australia.

Applications are now open.

Accessing the Grant

Candidates are not paid directly. In accordance with RMIT Travel Policy:

  • your travel arrangements must be lodged and approved through Trobexis
  • your travel bookings must be made through RMIT travel suppliers in accordance with RMIT travel policy

Candidates who make private travel arrangements cannot seek reimbursement from this travel grant.

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To be eligible for this grant:

  • your conference paper/poster/abstract must be peer reviewed by conference organisers
  • you must be currently enrolled in an RMIT higher degrees by research (HDR) program
  • you must not be a member of RMIT staff with access to research funds*
  • you must not have exceeded maximum duration of candidature at the start date of the conference
  • you must not have submitted your thesis/project for examination by the start date of the conference
  • you must not be on leave of absence during the conference dates
  • you must have achieved satisfactory progress reports in the past two semesters
  • you must have completed your confirmation of candidature by the start date of the conference
    (Please note: applications can still be lodged prior to you completing your Confirmation of Candidature, as long as it is scheduled to take place before the conference start date. If you are awarded the grant, the offer will be conditional on you providing our office with a copy of your completed Confirmation of Candidature)
  • you must ensure attendance at the conference is recommended by your primary supervisor through a submitted online recommendation form
  • you must submit a complete application at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the conference

*Applicants who are members of staff will be required to submit a letter from their manager at the School where they are employed confirming that they do not have access to such research funds.

If you are a Doctoral candidate you may receive up to two grants during your Doctoral study.

If you are a Masters by research candidate you may receive only one grant during your Masters study.

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Value and duration

The grant offers one-off awards. They are worth:

  • up to $2000 for an overseas conference or workshop
  • up to $1000 for a conference or workshop in Australia or New Zealand.
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How to apply

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are now open. To be eligible for this grant you must:

  1. submit the online application form (login required)
  2. ensure your primary supervisor has submitted the online recommendation form (login required) supporting your attendance at the conference, and providing their recommendation of the conference quality
  3. submit a copy of the official written acceptance of your paper/poster from the conference/workshop organisers OR provide written acceptance of your paper/poster once available (PLEASE NOTE: applications can still be lodged prior to you gaining acceptance).
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Key dates

  • Applications should be submitted within six (6) weeks prior to the start of the conference to allow ample time for processing.
  • Application turnaround time is approximately four (4) weeks.
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Terms and conditions

If awarded this grant you must:

  • submit a report to the School of Graduate Research detailing your experience within six weeks of returning from the conference through the completion of the online Higher Degree by Research Conference Grant feedback report (login required). Candidates who fail to provide this report to the SGR will be ineligible for future funding.
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More information icon Further information

HDR candidates are encouraged to apply for additional funding support (e.g. enrolling school or conference organisers) where possible. Submission of an application does not guarantee funding, and money provided by this grant may not always cover the full cost of travel. Funding provided is for expenditure on travel fares, registration fees and accommodation only (excludes food, telephone, and other incidental items).

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HDR Scholarships Officer, School of Graduate Research, RMIT University

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