Professor Sinclair Davidson


Professor, Institutional Economics

School /
Work Unit

Economics, Finance and Marketing

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 5869


Building: 80
Level: 11
Room: 62

City Campus



"Sinclair Davidson"


BCom (Hon), MCom (Wits), PhD (RMIT)

Teaching/Work responsibilities

Advanced Corporate Finance, Public Sector Economics

Research Interests

Institutional Economics, Property Rights


Selected Journal Articles

  • Davidson, S. and D. Kapelianis. “Towards an organisational theory of advertising: Agency-client relationships in South Africa” International Journal of Advertising. 15(1) 48-60. 1996.
  • Brooks, R., S. Davidson and R. Faff. “An examination of the effects of major political change on stock market volatility: The South African case”. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money. 7(3) 1997:255-274.
  • Davidson, S. “Agency theory, insider ownership and corporate focus: Some South African evidence”. South African Journal of Accounting Research. 1997 11(2): 51-68.
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  • Chong, D., S. Davidson and T. Fry. “It’s an evil thing to oblige people to vote”. Policy. Policy. 21(4): 10 – 16
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