Refurbished premises for Physics

The refurbished Level 7 corridor in Building 14 for the School of Applied Sciences’ Physics discipline.

The refurbished Level 7 corridor in Building 14 for the School of Applied Sciences’ Physics discipline.

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    • Address

      Building 14, Levels 2, 6 and 7, 414-418 Swanston Street, City

      Project overview

      Physics has been in its current location for 33 years and is set to undergo a complete transformation.

      Levels 2, 6 and 7 within Building 14 in the heart of the City campus are being refurbished for the physics academic area within the School of Applied Sciences.

      Level 7 is the first floor to be finished with a completion date of late October 2009. This level will house state-of-the-art Electron Microscope equipment. The acquisition of this highly sophisticated equipment will see RMIT assuming the position of having the largest integrated, multi-disciplinary microscopy and micro analysis facility in Victoria.

      This new facility will be available to students, researchers and industry partners.


      Level 7

      • A Jeol 2100F Transmission Electron Microscope
        • New-generation, high-brightness electron source with the capacity to detect lower concentrations of elements that leads to a higher throughput than current systems
        • 1.8 x 10-10 m resolution that allows imaging which is capable of distinguishing atoms

      • Thermo Scientific K-Alpha X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer
        • Capacity to gather surface chemistry information and XPS mapping of samples.
        • Depth profiling using XPS, which represents a new functionality for RMIT University
      • Testing spaces
      • Office spaces

      Level 6

      • Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) teaching spaces
      • Two laboratories
      • Office space
      • Open-plan teaching space
      • Academic study spaces.

      Project update

      December 2009 – May 2010

      Level 6 construction works are 80 per cent complete.

      November 2009

      Works on Level 7 are now complete with staff scheduled to take occupation of the newly refurbished premises in December

      July 2009

      The main contractor, Monaco Hickey Group Pty Ltd, has been appointed. Construction works on level 7 are underway.

      May 2009

      Level 7 of Building 14 has been stripped in preparation for construction works.

      April 2009

      Tender documents have been issued for the main contractor.

      Project timeline


      Early 2008


      April 2009

      Works commence

      May 2009

      Works finish

      Level 7 – End October, 2009

      Level 6 – August, 2010


      RMIT Project Manager

      John Garkinis

      Manager, Client Relations

      Julian Holdsworth-Smith


      DesignInc Melbourne

      Main Contractor

      Monaco Hickey Group Pty Ltd

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