Consolidation of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) into the Casey Building (Building 10)

Photo: The light-filled corridor of the new School of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Level 9 of Building 10.

The light-filled corridor of the new School of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Level 9 of Building 10.


376-392 Swanston Street, City

Project overview

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) is currently located in three different buildings across the City campus. The current disparate locations of academic and general staff compromise the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration among staff and students.

SECE will be consolidated into the refurbished levels 9 and 10 of the Casey Building (RMIT Building 10) in the heart of the City campus.

Level 9 features:

  • Four flexible teaching and learning labs with movable furniture, storage space for equipment and more natural light
  • Sophisticated audio-visual equipment in teaching and learning labs that enables direct links to Vietnam and classes to be conducted simultaneously across the two campuses
  • Open-plan office spaces with lower ceilings to absorb sound
  • Rubber pin boards in central corridor that act as sound absorbers
  • Kitchen facility that caters for up to 25 people
  • Sustainable design features, including a Building Automation System and water flow control mechanisms

Project update

October – December 2009

The refurbishment of Level 9 of Building 10 is now complete.

September 2009

Construction is well underway with 50% of works completed.

July - August 2009

The main contractor – ISIS – has been appointed and construction has begun.

June 2009

Design Development for the refurbished SECE School was signed off by the CDC in early June. The tender for the main contractor is set to go public in mid July, 2009.

April 2009

Preliminary preparatory works, including demolition, began on Levels 9 and 10 of Building 10.

The architects have also completed the schematic design for the new, refurbished premises for the School of SECE and are awaiting formal approval from RMIT’s Campus Development Committee (CDC) before proceeding to Design Development.

Project timeline


Mid 2008


Late 2008

Works commence

April 2009

Works finish

Mid November, 2009


12th December, 2009


RMIT Project Manager

Christian Gunnersen of Montlaur Project Services

RMIT Manager, Client Relations

Julian Holdsworth-Smith


DesignInc Melbourne

Main contractor


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