Façade Upgrade for Building 21

The exterior of Building 21 will be visually transformed

The exterior of Building 21 will be visually transformed

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      Rear of 343 Russell Street

      Project overview

      Building 21 borders the Building 1 courtyard and the University Lawn. This central area of the City Campus has undergone a visual improvement. As a result, Building 21 requires a façade upgrade to improve its external appearance.

      Works include the installation of window shade frames to the north and west facades. This will provide a visual improvement. The window shades will also provide continuity with the Building 1 east façade.

      Climbing plants will be installed on the West and North façade of Building 21. These climbing plants will blanket the walls and offer a visually appealing exterior to the building. This will further integrate Building 21 with the surrounding heritage buildings and green areas.

      The climbing plants will also provide an environment impact for Building 21. The plants will act as a layer to shade the building. This will help to cool the building during warmer weather.

      Project update

      July 2011

      The façade works are 95% complete.

      June 2011

      The façade works are nearing completion.

      May 2011

      The façade works are 75% complete.

      Project timeline

      Works commence

      Late 2010

      Works finish

      August 2011


      RMIT Project Manager

      Louise Allgood

      Manager, Client Relations

      David Howard


      Peter Elliott Architects

      Main Contractor

      Brennan & Hemmings